Padlock ABUS Granit XS 67/105 HB50


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2 in stock

GRANIT brake disc padlock

  • 14 mm Steel pin
  • Double lock of the neck on the body of the padlock.
  • Pleasant and stable to hold due to the coating of the body with silicone material that at the same time protects from scratches.
  • The neck guard prevents attempted burglary with tools.
  • The pin, the body of the lock and the components of the lock are made of special hardened steel.
  • ABUS-Plus cylinder protects against attempts to break the lock.
  • Manually opening the lock port for protection against dust and moisture.
  • Key code card for key playback control.
  • A reminder cable accompanies the padlock to prevent accidental attempt to drive the machine with the padlock locked.

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