Arms boxes GA-F

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Για την αγορά οποιουδήποτε χρηματοκιβωτίου απαιτείται προηγουμένως επικοινωνία με το κατάστημα


* Solid steel one-piece construction, without gluing tied with horizontal beams and strong security bulletproof glass 19mm according to the certification UNI 9186 (for light mechanical attacks) and UNI 9187 (for attacks with bullets Class A).

* The locking pins are activated by a knob that leads to the 3-pointlock and are protected by a high security cylinder with anti-puncture protection.

* The door opens 180 degrees and rests on well-hidden hinges.

* Available with 1 glass shelf and wooden inner base with sockets for rifles or automatic weapons

* Two indoor spots on the ceiling illuminate the interior.

* The surface of the back is internally covered by blue-green velvet.

* There are pre-drilled holes in the base for screwing.

* The paint is double coated with epoxy powder, in color RAL 6012 (metallic cypress).

* Capacity: 4 and 7 weapons respectively.

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