Safes Moby TR Time Delay

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Για την αγορά οποιουδήποτε χρηματοκιβωτίου απαιτείται προηγουμένως επικοινωνία με το κατάστημα

Sedentary safe with time delay

The front part and the door are made of one-piece steel, 10mm thick, cut with a special Laser cutting system
• The perimeter surfaces are made of 5mm thick one-piece steel
• Horizontal slot for documents or money with internal pull protection
• Opening delay from 1 to 99 min
• Protection of the lock with manganese plate
• Nickel-plated steel pins ø 22mm, rotating for greater protection
• Digital code of 10 billion possible combinations
• Locks and codes certified with EN 1300 (Class A)
• 90 ° door opening
• Painting with epoxy powder for greater durability in use
• Ability to provide 220V to avoid rapid battery drain

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