Safe EHC 1500R


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Για την αγορά οποιουδήποτε χρηματοκιβωτίου απαιτείται προηγουμένως επικοινωνία με το κατάστημα

The front part consists of a one-piece steel construction treated with a special Laser cutting system
• Door thickness 8mm and 10mm respectively and perimeter shielding 4mm and 5mm (for ESC)
• Security lock with safe key of 8 asymmetric discs certified with EN 1300 (Class A)
• 7 and 5 locking pins nickel-plated ø 22mm
• Pre-mounted mounting positions
• Exterior finish made of high quality solid wood, which highlights the safe as furniture

Additional information

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 47 × 36 × 152 cm